Time lapse


Intimate abstract installation performance with the technical and artistic freedom to create a visual sensations based on light and shadows. Interplay between elements like music, video projections, LED lighting, kinect sensor and movement elements, determined by timeline.


Music provided by Oigovisiones Label (Spain) 

With support from Merchants Of Reality





Hardware List:

1 -  Northlight 8 Channel, DMX to RC servo controller board.  

      + info http://northlightdmx.com/Servo.pdf

2 -  8 servomotors, 7 HS-422 Deluxe Servo for movements of PAN and TILT and 1 S-148 Parallax Continuous Rotation, and Bracket Assembly.        + info http://www.imagesco.com/

3 - LED Dimmer Easy DMX LED controller:                                                                                                                                                                             Power input: DC 7V- 24V max 15A / Output: 1A each channel max 15A / Channel: 27 channel 9 group / Controller: DMX512 XRL 3P

    + info  http://es.aliexpress.com/item/27-channel-easy-DMX-LED- controller-dmx-decoder-driver/431020707.html


4 - 6 x 3w RGB led spotlight dc12v, 4wires 3-in-1 LED's, beam angle38                      

    + Info http://www.topshine-led.com/


5 - Power Supply for the LED dimmer and LED light. 12V 15A  180W switching power supply LED strip light transformer.                                                     Input Voltage: AC110V-230V  Output Voltage: 12V Power:180W                                                                                                                                  + info http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/237363340.html

6 - DMX512 interfaces, I used ENTECC DMXUSB PRO

+ info http://www.enttec.com/

7Sensor Microsoft Kinect

+ info http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/kinectforwindows/

- Packing paper, came as packaging for the servomotors

- Video projector, conventional 2500 LUM

10 - Conectors XLR and more than 70 meters (230 ft) in Cable

Software description:

1 - Madmapper for controlling the Servomotors and LED's                                                                                                                                                      + info http://www.madmapper.com/



- VDMX for precise control of the performance and using the audio input for conducting performance.
+ info 



3 - Quartz Composer for creating compositions that are used to control the servomotors, LED's and to apply on tracking surfaces.

+ info http://quartzcomposer.com/


4 -  GAmuza for Kinect infrared display, use this video as mask as input for QTZ compositions.                                                                                    + info http://gamuza.d3cod3.org/



5-  Vezér for timeline and control VDMX.

+ info http://www.vezerapp.hu/


* Some more photos of the whole process